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Viimsi Young Talent School

Location: Viimsi, Lubja
Status: Architectural competition, purchase reward
Year: 2018
Architect: Inga Raukas, Liisi Vähi, Ainiki Niinelaid, Lever Lõhmus, Lisette Eriste, Karina Mamantova
Co-operation: Esplan OÜ

Gross area: 7 549 m2

The building of Viimsi Youth Talent School is a kind of cultural hub of Viimsi rural municipality that is open to everyone and everything. The large concert hall, chamber hall, music, art, science and hobby school create a community where the spatial environment makes it possible to use this building as a place to thrive culture and learning.

The building acts like a mirror between the forest and the coastline by joining the culture and nature. That is why we call this building METSAKUMA. The Young Talent School glows light, colours, sounds and with that connects arts and sciences.

The building opens towards the public square by integrating the roadside space with trekking routs. Diversifying the function of the buildings gets more people out walking and engaging with one another.
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