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Office Building Refurbishment and Extension Niine

Location: Tallinn, Niine
Status: Built
Year: 2006 - 2012
Architect: Inga Raukas, Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe, Kaiko Kivi, Paco Ulman

There was a complicated building complex on the site with various extensions constructed at various times. It was our task to make it a unified whole and organise the volumes for a functional use of the building. The roof of the annexe facing Niine Street was retained in its original shape with some alterations in the roof pitch and ridge height. Skylights were added to lighten up the rooms. The shape of the roofs of the further extensions in the courtyard was changed in order to eliminate the unreasonable roof pitch and roof valleys. The two floors below the roof were planned for offices. The shape of the roof was designed in keeping with the whole complex and the general scene in Kalamaja district. The new roof also covers the inner courtyard in the west with a high atrium accommodating a cafeteria.

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