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Hilton Park Hotel Tallinn

Location: Tallinn
Status: built
Year: 2014 - 2016
Architect: Meelis Press
Interior architect: Vertti Kivi, dSign
Co-operation: Indrek Tiigi, Erik Olle, Ahti Peetersoo, Helen Oja, Matthias Klitzsch, Riia Oja, Tuuli Trei, Margit Teikari
Please step inside the hotel VIA Google Indoor View. 

Tallinn Entrepreneurship Award 2016 in the categories of Best Development Project and Best Tourism Deed

Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel is the first Hilton Hotel opened in the Baltic states. Thus the task was not just to design another luxury hotel, but to attentively and befittingly represent the most valuable hotel brand in the world with over 570 hotels across the globe. Key concepts like cosiness and friendliness, distinctive character and inviting atmosphere were the starting point for the interior architecture of the hotel. 

Functionally the hotel is divided into two distinct parts – the lower part houses the lobby, casino, conference centre, restaurant and spa, while the higher, 9-storey slab block consists of hotel rooms and Executive Lounge on the top floor. With respect to furniture, the elements in all the areas are either carefully selected from well-known design brands, or unique designs by Estonian designers and one-off solutions manufactured by Estonian companies according to the architects’ drawings. Special consideration was given to the lighting solutions. Thus, in the lobby area the wireless lighting control system with dimmers enables to specify colour temperature and implement different pre-programmed light schemes, from bright and shiny to smooth and romantic, depending on the character of events held in the hotel at the time. 
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