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Baltic Air Corporation airport terminal

Location: Riga
Status: Competition
Year: 2010
Architect: Inga Raukas, Kadri Tamre, Oliver Soomets
Co-operation: Ramboll UK Limited

The concept of the new airBaltic terminal is based on an authentic experience. The main theme of the architectural design includes natural phenomena creating a powerful identity for airBaltic Corporation, Riga Airport and Latvia in general. AirBaltic Terminal is envisioned as a large structure of cloth with a strong identity of form and inner spaces. The form is derived from the streamlined passenger flows and inherent strive for flexibility. The main roof is of catenary structure providing utmost elasticity of space. The project follows the idea of an iconic and naturally intertwined and optimized architectural design, construction and technology. The new building is sustainable and marked by exceptional room qualities. Also, the terminal has a lot of natural light with possibilities to go outside on to the roof terrace.

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