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The design work for the establishment of the oak grove in Tamsalu has began.


The project initiated by the Government Office to establish oak groves with 100 trees to celebrate the Centenary of the Republic of Estonia has reached the stage of design work in Tamsalu. The given place was selected as a site for the park due to its symbolic name and also for its location in the middle of Estonia. With the support of the Government Office, the aim is to establish oak groves of 100 oaks in every Estonian county with the trees planted in cooperation with students and local governments in the early summer of 2018. More information about the project -’s-100-oaks
The work “Word Groves” by Allianss Arhitektid (authors Eve Komp, Grete Veskiväli and Kristi Tuurmann) was selected as the best solution in the public architectural competition and the design contract between the local municipality of Tamsalu and Allianss Arhitektid OÜ was subsequently signed. The design solution of the park of 100 oaks is a symbiosis of the urban and the rustic combining the present meadow with new elements and landscaping with delicate refinement. While underlining the growth and development of the park with the young oak plants, it nevertheless leaves plenty of room for changes also in the future. Each oak tree planted in the park will have a label with various Estonian proverbs and aphorisms making the walk in the park an exciting and contemplative journey. The work will include the design of the five-hectare park area with 100 oaks and proverbs, the footpaths and illumination as well as the reconstruction of Kukelossi building as a venue for outdoor events.
The park with its estimated time of completion on the centenary of Estonia in 2018 will be co-funded by the municipality of Tamsalu and the Government Office. 
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