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The beta-promenade of Tallinn is now open


During the Maritime Culture Year of 2016 Linnalabor together with landowners created a beta-promenade from Kalasadam to the Noblessner quarter. The beta-promenade is a simple footpath along the seaside, created by removing fences, opening up gates and fortifying the shore. Lets pave the way for a permanent promenade in coming years! 

The beta-promenade is initiated by Estonian Urban Lab and Noblessner quarter. The initiative was one of the 20 winning entries to the idea contest of the Maritime Culture Year. Beta-promenade is being created in cooperation with the landowners (Noblessner, State Real Estate Ltd, OÜ BMG Arendused, Pro Kapital Estonia Ltd), AS Tallinna Vesi, the Northern Tallinn City Administration and Allianss Arhitektid.

Foto:Liina Lelov

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