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Music School

Location: Tallinn
Status: Competition
Year: 2010
Architect: Inga Raukas, Toomas Tammis, Paco Ulman, Helle-Triin Hansumäe

We reached the second round in the public competition for the joint building of Tallinn Music High School, Tallinn Georg Ots Music School and Tallinn Ballet School. The idea was to divide the inner quarter for the school with the net area of 23,330 m2 into a number of smaller areas that could be adapted to and used for specific purposes. The given articulation allows the creation of a dense and functionally integrated spatial environment as opposed to the regular perimetric quarters. The standard inner courtyard has been turned into a large number of specific event venues. The layer of the venues is visually linked to both classrooms and the common areas. The result is like a porous structure of an urban quarter with the functional rooms mutually linked on the floors and receiving light from the inner courtyards. It is also a compact solution with good internal light distribution.

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