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Film and Media College

Location: Tallinn
Status: Competition
Architect: Toomas Tammis, Tarmo Teedumäe, Paco Ulman

The aim of the present competition entry was to reconsider the possibilities of the courtyards as the spaces connecting the university campus into a comprehensive spatial whole and also to add an attractive new and open creative centre in the complex with various functions and good compatibility with the urban environment.  The project was driven by the idea to create an attractive urban landscape with a comprehensive spatial solution joining the university campus. An integral and activating part of the whole was played by the multifunctional creative building next to the main open inner courtyard.

With the surfaces and green areas of the courtyards, the project aimed at providing the means for its use as a recreational area, an easily navigated urban landscape and also as a venue for various events.

The new building was designed as a clearly separate construction. The existing buildings were joined with the new building only by galleries in order to retain the historic features of each part of the campus.

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